A Love Letter.


Oh, my God.

I love you. I love you so much.
The reality of your infinite existence leaves me in awe.
You are the definition of beautiful.
Everything you do is perfectly balanced, perfectly thought through, perfectly established.
Everything you say is truth, clear and powerful.
You are overwhelming and awesome and yet so close and peaceful.

God, I desire to see you, to touch you, to smell you, to hear you, … to be with you.
I want to breathe in the holiness of your presence.
I want to see you move, talk and smile.
I want to see you create, walk and fly.

My God. My God. Who are you and who am I?

God, only in your presence is healing and eternal joy.
This earth is not my home.

Oh, my God. The day when I hear you sing will be the day that will make me forget every memory of darkness and brokenness.

I will rejoice in you.
You will rejoice in me.
I can not wait.

God, I love you.

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