You are.

jacobThe great controversy between Christ and Satan defines history.
As I reflect on the theme of the upcoming GYC conference“Before Men and Angels” – my mind is flooded with a few of those most gripping scenes recorded for our remembrance:

I can see a Joshua, the high priest, being stripped of his filthy garments and being robed in the presence of Satan with the righteousness of Christ.

I can hear the joyful songs of the angels when a Jacob wrestles with God, refusing to let Him go without receiving the assurance of His mercy and blessing.

I can see a Job who never had the privilege to behold the veil of the unseen world being lifted before his eyes and receive answers to his questions, but a Job, who yet holds on to his Redeemer, though the heavens fall.

I can see the boldness of an apostle Paul, standing before Nero, preaching the gospel at all costs.

I can see the shining faces of faithful martyrs being burned at the stake for the truth they will not and cannot give up.

I can see a Martin Luther, shortly before standing before the principalities of this earth, agonizing with the Lord, expecting certain death and praying, “The cause is thine”, because God was his mighty fortress.

I can see a struggling Ellen G. White, attacked by Satan during her heaven-ordained endeavor to bring the theme of the great controversy to paper, a task so severe that she was only able to write one page per day.

Friend, the great controversy between Jesus Christ and Satan defines the pages of history. It continues today.

It is a sad fact, however, that in today’s Christianity, the idea of a Christian being familiar with trials, tribulations, and spiritual battles and its victories is rarely practiced or preached. These challenges of a Christian, who is living within the great controversy, must be encountered through personal struggles with our sinful nature, in the clash of theological views within our church, or in the battle between angels and demons over souls. These become so vivid before our eyes once we become active in sharing Christ with others.

You may not face the same situation as a Job, Jacob, Joshua, Paul, Luther, or an Ellen G. White did, but as much as they were, you are called…

…to stand apart,
…to preach the word,
…to glorify Christ,

and to showcase to the universe, “before men and angels” (1 Corinthians 4:9), that
God is love.

Wherever we look, it is evident that the powers of darkness are putting all their efforts into hindering every person who has the potential to glorify Christ, to do so.

You are that potential woman!
You are that potential man!

3 thoughts on “You are.

  1. Johannes Huber says:

    Trials and obstacles are the Lord’s chosen methods of discipline and His appointed conditions of success. (MH 472)

    It’s a tough one I think, but if I compare the trials and obstacles of my every-day life to the trials and obstacles that these people had to face… that Jesus had to face, I feel really blessed.

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