4:3 versus 16:9 – God’s “golden ratio” for your life.

If you are around 25 years of age +/- one or two years, you might be able to relate to my following statement: I feel old.

Or, let’s phrase it this way: Sometimes I feel old. Specially when I meet teenagers who I know since they were very little or from whom I can actually remember the time of their birth! And now they are already tall, intelligent and capable to have a more or less intellectual conversation with me. Yes, these are the situations when I feel kind of ‘old’.

This happened to me just recently. Most of those boys and girls who are in their teens now, can’t even remember consciously experiencing situations, which for me feel like they happened just yesterday. The change into the new millennium for example. Or September 11th 2001. They grew up in a different world then I did. It’s the next generation I guess.

These are the kids that can’t remember a time before high-speed Internet, super-cheap air-tickets from RyanAir or a TV/computer screen where the standard dimensions were 4:3 instead of the 16:9 which you can find everywhere nowadays.

Not to go into much detail about technology, and maybe you won’t agree but honestly … there is something about this widescreen 16:9 format that makes pictures and film look more stylish. Don’t you think? I guess it has to do with the so called golden ratio or just with the fact that you actually see more on a screen like that.

As we grow up and go through life we make plans. We try to find the best possible solution and path to reach a certain goal. May it be a good education, a well-paid job or finding the right partner; we always make plans.
There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of growing up and turning ‘old’.

God created us with the mental capability and creativity to make extraordinary plans. He wants us to aim high. To reach for bigger things. To accomplish things and learn.
But there’s one problem. And maybe you already guessed it:
It’s our heart; what we think and feel. It’s not thoughts and feelings per se, but the bible tells us they have been corrupted by sin.
Jeremiah is pretty clear about it when he says:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?” – Jeremiah 17:9

Unless we live in constant connection with our loving Creator and Savior (who knows our heart), trusting in the heart can be a dangerous thing! We can not always see the bigger picture and therefore might follow a bad plan or path.
To use the TV/computer screen-illustration: We live with a 4:3 view. We see a bit, but not as much as we could with a “widescreen”. With 16:9.

So, what to do? Where can I get this “16:9 – widescreen – view” for my life? Where can I widen my old 4:3 view on life into a 16:9 view?

I like what Solomon says, (amusingly) in Proverbs 16:9:

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

God cares.
He cares about our plans.
He cares about where we go and what we do.

As I grow older I want God to widen my view. I want Him to show me more and more of His ways. I have tasted a bit from the beauty of God’s plan for my life, and since then I can’t resist to follow it deeper and fuller. He is perfect, therefore His plans are perfect.

My appeal to you is the following:
Stop living in 4:3 mode and enter into the widescreen view of God on your life!
The great thing is, that it won’t stop with just 16:9. God is infinite! His golden ratio will constantly expand if you let Him guide you. The more time you spend with God the more you will see and the more you will understand of His amazing plan for you life here on earth and eternity. It’s a process that will never end.

Be blessed as you constantly open your life for God’s golden ratio.

3 thoughts on “4:3 versus 16:9 – God’s “golden ratio” for your life.

  1. Nina says:

    I love this analogy! Fantastic. We are very short-sighted, we see through a glass dimly, but God has the master plan. We need to trust His heart!

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